Thursday, February 24, 2011

Books by Color

Ever since I saw this post at my friend Jodi's, I've had a hankering to organize my own books by color.  I've been nervous to try it, since both Brian and I thought that it might be hard to ever find our favorite books again, since they won't be organized by any other genre. Despite my trepidation, I was caught in one of those must-clean-or-organize-something moods and I decided to bite the bullet.  

To my surprise, I soon realized that it was actually easier to find my books this way, since I know generally what color most of my books are... And it's just plain pretty! We love how our bookshelves are now more of a design element in our living room, rather than just a storage area.  I'm afraid there are times I can be found sitting idly on the couch, just staring at my bookshelves. 


  1. Gorgeous! And it IS easier to find what you want, I think. Just beware if you have any mischevious friends who will like to rearrange a book or two when your back is turned. It's been known to happen at our house :) Oh, and I sit on my couch and stare and smile, too.

  2. I would never have thought to arrange my books my color, but I admit that I like it! We have soooo many books, and I currently have them arranged by genre. I may have to try the color-coded route! :-) Looks lovely!


  3. Love it!! I've done it twice & got so much flack for 'not being able to find your books.' Not. True. Like you- I did much better remembering what the books actually looked like to find them! :)

  4. I actually noticed this last night! I just didn't get a chance to mention it... it looks awesome!

  5. Thanks girls. Yes, I just love it. love it. :)