Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Wee Scarf

I was looking for a quick new knitting project for fall and found this easy pattern from Martha It was a great next step from the more simple projects I have been working on.  It's also a cute twist on a classic scarf. 

I love it, but it's a bit itchy. 
Anyone have any anti-itchy-yarn ideas for me??


  1. The little scarf is so pretty, it looks perfect on you with the black and white stripped shirt!

  2. It's so nice! I knitted two tank tops for my girls, one in Berocco Vintage and one in Berocco Comfort. Neither of them complain of itchiness, but I like the borocco comfort the best, it holds up great in the pilling.

    BTW, I'd love if you checked out my Fibers on Friday party....I love finding more knitters to participate!

  3. That's beautiful, Kerrie! Sorry it itches. I wonder if you could treat your scarf to make it less itchy. It sounds like using something like Eucalan and/or hair conditioner could help (I did a little Googling). Here's a potentially helpful article.

  4. That is so cute! I might have to make one sometime!

  5. soooo cute! (also, I think I might have that same shirt)