Saturday, September 25, 2010

Apple Picking

We took the boys apple picking yesterday. 

We walked and talked. 
We ate lots of apples.
We climbed trees.  
We dressed in plaid.
We balanced apples on our heads.  
We enjoyed some "indian summer" weather.
We had "apple eyes".
We worked through anxiety and made new friends.  
We sipped cider and sampled apple donuts.  
We were kind.
We marveled at farm animals.
We helped each other. 
We caught up with an old teacher and friend (see below!).
We enjoyed the autumn together.

It was a lovely day.
(until the bus broke down on the highway, 
but that's another story...

(My dear friend and former co-worker, Kendall, met us at the orchard. She had been a counselor in our class for the past couple of years, but left in August to finish up graduate school. I miss her dreadfully. I know she'll make a wonderful therapist, but I selfishly wish we were still spending 40 hours a week together. It's people like this who make going to work a lot of fun. And I hope my students realize that it's not everyday that you find such a knowledgeable, compassionate, understanding teacher as Kendall was.

 One of my students, Tommy, summed it up right before she showed up at the orchard:

Tommy: When's Kendall going to get here? Do you think you should call her?
Me: She'll be here soon.  Let's give her a couple more minutes.
New Student: Who's Kendall?
Tommy: She is the coolest girl. A really nice teacher. She is good at sports, really nice, really funny...and do you need glasses?! (I'm assuming that this means that she is nice looking...) :)

We miss you Ken-Ken!)

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