Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Bird Window

Brian just installed our new bird window and filled it with songbird seed. It has mirrored glass so that we can see the birds, but they supposedly can't see us. 

I can't wait to see if we get any feathered visitors...

...and neither can Dmitri


  1. Loved the adorable picures of your sweetie and kitty! Don't get discouraged if it takes awhile for the birdies to come; we hang lots of bird feeders, and it always takes awhile for our feathered friends to check out the new one, but it could be that PA birds are less trusting than New England birds. :) We found from experience that black oiled sun seeds attract the most colorful birds.

  2. O..M...G...
    That is too cool, and I am so jealous! I'm going to have to show DH that- so neat!! I can't wait to hear if you get any birds!

  3. i love it! when can i come visit you?? i get out of work at 5ish...

  4. above comment: from katie your sister

  5. Jodi, thanks for the encouragement! We haven't had anyone visit yet, but I'm going to leave it in for a while to see if they end up finding it. :) Thanks for the tip, too!

    Tess, you must get one, they are so fun! (and will be much more so when we actually get some birds!)

    Katie, obviously come over! Anytime... today?