Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Flower Pins for the Yemen Girls

As part of the celebration of my friend Saralee's wedding, I decided to make all of us "yemen girls" a fabric flower pin for the occasion.  For most of the weddings in our group of friends we have matched or dressed alike in some way.  Since her wedding color are brown and teal we decided to wear brown dresses with teal accessories.

Here's a quick little tutorial.  I did a lot of trial and error, but they ended up perfect for the occasion. These pins are great for a dress, a purse or coat.

1. Make two strips of fabric about an inch wide and maybe a foot and a half long.

2. Put the right sides together and stitch along one side.

3. Open your newly sewn strip and fold it again, wrong sides together. 

4. When you have folded your sewn strip in half, start a running stitch through the bottom and pull the string tight so it's bunched up. 

5. Tie off your string and twist the fabric around to create your flower shape.


6. Tack a few different parts of your flower so it stays in place and then sew a button in the middle.

7. Finally, sew or glue a pin on the back. 


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