Thursday, June 10, 2010

Handcarved Stamps

Recently I started making handmade rubber stamps. These are so fun to make and very useful!  I used them to create my "Summer List" and have used them a lot for different cards and gift wrapping.

Once you have a nice idea and drawing, they are pretty simple to make. Just pick up printmaking rubber, a set of carving tools and some ink pads. I usually draw the design on my piece of rubber, then just carve away the negative space. 

There's a tutorial video here that gives a great demonstration of a simple feather stamp. So far, I carved an upper case version of every letter in the alphabet, a feather and a couple of flowery designs. 

Try it may get hooked. I certainly am!

Materials you need:

My stamps:

Note cards:

Place Holders

Wrapping paper:


  1. Oh, my! What beautiful stamps. It is lovely to see such talent.

  2. Thanks Phyllis, you should try it sometime!

  3. I recognize these from your summer list! Love them!