Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Labeling Plants in the Garden

I like the idea of having labels in the garden, but I also don't think those plastic tags are very pretty.  When digging around in the garden, I found a plethora of round sea stones so I painted their common names with white acrylic paint and then covered the rocks with modge podge (this protects the paint and gives them a nice sheen). I love how they look next to my plants. Simple and so very charming. 


  1. I was admiring them last week :)

    You inspired me to make some pretty labels for some of my food items in my pantry!

  2. I was just going to do this for my garden... though I didn't think about modge podge... good idea :o)

  3. Lianna, I can't wait to see YOUR pretty labels! Can I come help you unpack this week?

    Thanks Phyllis!

    Brittney, I'm looking forward to seeing your version of these! I really like the look of modge podge on them, but they'd probably be fine without as well. :)