Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Still Thankful ...

holy experience

I'm a little late this week. I guess it will be a Thankful Tuesday rather than a Multitude Monday.

Giving thanks in this new year....

144. New Years, new days, fresh starts, a new page
145. Christmas vacation
146. popcorn, crackers, baked potato and root beer floats for dinner
147. fleece blankets
148. wearing my husband's socks
149. the opportunity to teach kids how to loosen up
150. Katie, wonderful friend and sister for 21 years and counting! Happy Birthday, dear!
151. Spending the last week painting and cleaning with my best friend
152. inspiration
153. beautiful hands
154. a beautiful post by my beloved.
155. warm cars in the morning
156. smiles
157. uncertainty and questions (trying to be thankful for this...here's to positive thinking)
158. Mother in laws who love and protect
159. my students, every little thing about them
160. a surprise mid-morning email from my husband, a love poem, to boot!

Soli Deo Gloria

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