Sunday, January 10, 2010

Apartment Makeover 2009/2010!

I mentioned a couple weeks ago that Brian and I had spent our winter vacation sprucing up our first floor apartment.  I finally had time to take some pictures this morning.

Some of the updates included:

-painting the kitchen and bathroom light minty green (Brian's idea and a perfect splash of color!).
-painting the bedroom a warm cream (over the dingy gray)
-new floors in the kitchen and bathroom (what a difference!)
-we bought a new kitchen storage unit from IKEA
-we bought a wardrobe for the bedroom, since there is no closet (another IKEA purchase)
-we bought and installed some some space savers in the kitchen and bathroom; bars that you can hang hooks/baskets on, towel racks, hooks for the doors etc.

Result: a much brighter and more functional apartment.  Now we just need someone to come and enjoy it.

Nothing new in the living room... although I wish I had some ingenious idea for the covered up fireplace.


  1. I really love the new paint colors; they're very warm and inviting. And it seems to have been a good investment.

  2. Yes, I think it came out quite nice. I was hesitant about putting a color in a rental unit, but I think everyone who came by really appreciated it. The difference from the gray to the cream, is HUGE. It makes the room so much warmer and bigger, too.