Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Counting My Blessings

holy experience

Oops! Late again.
179. Snow
180. an accessible church service
181. an eloquent and humble sermon given by my husband
182. 1st and 2nd graders Sunday school drawings
183. whoopie pies
184. "Bring a Friend to School Day"
185. Brothers and sisters taking care of each other
186. Game nights with friends
187. warm Egyptian chamomile tea
188. unexpected gifts
189. good chats
190. spending my days with sweet, sweet children
191. hugs
192. dates with old friends
193. snow flakes
194. provision
195. God's faithfulness
196. A new child of Christ
197. Cole's smile when I taught him to take pictures with my camera.
198. Rest
199. Fleece
200! Being part of God's family

Pictures: Taken by my friend Cole, who has autism. He was more than delighted to be sneaking around with a camera. He especially enjoyed capturing the backs of people's heads. An older woman at my table made a good point "We have mirrors, we KNOW what our faces look like, but we have no idea what the backs of our heads are like." Thanks, Cole. :)

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