Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Pretty Pink Cowl

I saw this idea on some crocheting websites and found a great tutorial here.  I've very rarely seen anyone wear these, but I love them!  Very warm and tres chic.   This project was quick and easy, although there are more intricate and difficult patterns that you can find.  I liked how this pattern was simple (not tons of different stitches or counting), but it had some interesting texture and lines to it.  It was nice to break away from the millions of hats I've been making recently!

Here are some cheesy webcam photos for your enjoyment and inspiration. :)

Here's what a cowl looks like when you're not wearing it.

The most popular way to wear a cowl.  I like how it has the look and warmth of a scarf, without the ends.  This will be nice to wear at work with the kids.

Ok, here's my experimental way of wearing a cowl.  Hey, if it's snowing, why not use it as a hat/hood, too? (Actually, I read that "Cowl" is from the Latin world Cuculla meaning "hood")  I look a bit like a Babushka, no?

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  1. Oh, my little Babushka! You entwine yourself in such becoming adornments. What a resourceful, cute lady.