Monday, January 25, 2010

Some of this week's blessings

holy experience

201. Dinner and a movie with all of my siblings.
202. Yemeni cheek kisses with my sisters
203. a busy, yet redeemed week
204. brooms and vacuums
205. a choir of children singing praise
206. soft yarns
207. dishwasher
208. a very nice tenant to rent our apartment!
209. God's faithfulness and provision
210. a wonderfully long voicemail from a dear friend
211. peace during a busy week
212. homemade pizzas
213. late night (early morning) conversations between brothers
214. a new plan
215. Ice skating with my students
216. Discovering a sweet bead store by my house (and creating a beautiful necklace for $1.97!)
217. Constant love

Soli Deo Gloria.


  1. ooooooh, wish I had a bead store near my house. There is one near my husbands work. I'm trying to persuade me to let me drive in with him one day and then I'll go to the bead store, probably the library and find a cafe to wile away the rest of the day!

  2. Great list!
    Getting together with your siblings...what a great blessing.

  3. Beautiful list...dishwasher...I am very grateful for that=)

  4. You have a tenant! Chris said it's a mom and daughter. When do they move in?

  5. Yes, a very nice lady, who already lives in the neighborhood (her Mom recently passed away, so they decided to sell the house) is moving in with her teenage daughter next Saturday. It seems like a perfect match. She is a caregiver to the elderly people in our area. We're excited. :)