Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Father's Day Altoid Tins

Brian loves his Altoids.  Where there's a Brian, there's probably a tin of Altoids. I've hear rumors that he hoards the tins (possibly hundreds?!) in some of his desk drawers at school.  He's going to use them for something awesome someday - he says. (to be fair, he did do something cool with one. ONE.) While I couldn't get into the mother load, there were plenty hiding on end tables, computer bags and junk drawers around the house, so I gathered a few of these empty tins for some special "Altoid" themed Father's Day treats..

 The What and How:

1. Tin O'Mints: Just a plain old tin of altoids. Boooring..but useful.

2. The Altoid Garden:  I put foil covered with saran wrap on the bottom of the tin, so it doesn't rust.  After asking quite a few people at the garden center if there was any plant that would live comfortably in an Altoid tin, I finally found someone who thought that mayyybe baby "Hens and Chicks" would work.  I bought a small pot of them and picked out the little guys.  I filled the tin half way with dirt, then stuck the plants into the dirt. So far, so good!

3. Mini Sandbox: I gathered some sand and pebbles at the beach and added a rake and shovel that I found in the doll house section of A.C. Moore.

4. Tin O'Truth: I wrote scripture verses on business card sized pieces of paper. Most were verses I thought were pertinent to being a father.

5. Travel Chess: I measured a grid on white paper, then filled in the back squares with a sharpie.  This was mod podged to the bottom of the tin.  The game pieces were made with mini thread spools I found in the wood section of A.C. Moore.  I glued a piece of magnet to the bottom and mod podged the "punches" (?) from a piece of paper that was hole punched onto the top.  With a veery tiny black ink pen, I drew simple symbols for each piece.

6. Tin O'Love Notes: I wrote out a bunch of love notes and Levi added some cute little scribbles drawings. 

I also made some magnets out of bottle caps to hold notes inside the front cover of the tin. For these I cut paper to fit and mod podged it to the back of the bottle cap, then glued the magnet on the back. 

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