Thursday, June 13, 2013

Rain, Ducks and Donuts

On Friday a friend tipped us off to the fact that it was National Donut Day(has that always been a thing?!) and that our favorite orchard/farm was giving away apple cider donuts. Not kidding; these are the best donuts I've ever had. Period. You better believe a silly tropical storm couldn't keep us away! 

We packed our umbrellas, donned our rain gear and told Levi to get pumped because we were going on his first "Duck Walk".  When we arrived at the orchard it was clear that we had the whole place to ourselves. We walked waddled down to the farm splashing in every puddle we possibly could, quacking (of course) and enjoying the down pour like only a family of ducks can. Then, right on cue, the real ducks ran out into the barnyard together doing the exact same thing. I couldn't have planned it better myself and Levi was loving every minute.

We splashed around in our galoshes until we were fully and delightfully soaked. We popped into the store to pick up our warm donuts, ran to the car, peeled off the wettest layers, pumped the heat and together indulged in our yummy treat. 

We go to this orchard somewhat frequently throughout the warm weather months, but this was by far the most fun we've ever had.
Levi has been asking to go on another "Duck! Walk!" multiple times a day ever since. Yes, I have a feeling this may be the start of a new and awesome rainy day tradition in the James household.


  1. It's strawberry-picking season! I first brought Alice when she was Levi's age and went every year with the girls as they grew up, and now as an empty-nester I still go. Got loads yesterday - shared the field with mommies and their little ones...