Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Sea Stone Paper/Photo Stands

Here's a quick little project I made for my art festival set-ups. I used these rock and wire stands for holding prices and town labels; you could use them for photos, dinner names cards, mini signs, bible verses or almost anything else thin and/or made of paper.  


- Wire. Find some that holds it's shape but isn't too thick to easily bend and shape.
- Rocks. I wanted mine to be nice and round, so I gathered them at a a local ocean-side park that has the best and smoothest sea stones (Chandler Hovey Park, Marblehead)
- Pliers. If you can bend the wire easily without, then these are optional.

To Make:

1. Wrap the wire once around the rock and twist it with itself tightly to secure on the bottom. 
2. Wrap wire around the rock 3 times then twist it again on the top.  
3. Trim wire if you need it (I left about 5 inches) and fashion a spiral, making sure to twist around enough times for a piece of paper to stay secure (about 3).
4. Stick something special in the spiral and enjoy!

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