Wednesday, June 12, 2013

this and that

a little bit of this and a little bit of that...

- First of all, how on earth is it already Wednesday?! I'm afraid these last couple of weeks really did me in. Full and fun and maybe just a little bit overwhelming. I finished up my last class yesterday (I have so many amazing final projects to share!) and after evaluations are written, I'll really feel "out" for the the summer. Last night Brian and I ceremoniously hit the "delete all alarms" button on my phone. Not that I've really needed any alarms in 2 years, but felt good. 

- On Sunday, my way-crafty friend and I shared a booth at the Salem Arts Festival.  It was a gorgeous day(we actually switched days due to the rain) and we both made some sales so a successful day all around. It was especially wonderful to see so many people from our church come out to support us. Our next (and last?) fair of the season is this Saturday.  We'll be at the Beverly Arts Festival from 10-4. This one is a lot of fun, come out and visit!

- Because our festival day was post-poned, I ended up having an unexpected day with nothing planned. Brian and I decided to take advantage of our already-lined-up babysitters, go on a brunch date and take a visit to a small regional art museum. It was quite wonderful.

- Levi, Levi, Levi. There is so much to say. The kid rocks my world. He is getting funnier by the minute. He is making jokes, he is forming sentences, he is loving hard, he is growing hair, he is growing up. A "to remember: 22 months" post in the works...

- Sorry if you already saw this on facebook, but I'm just as proud and amazed as ever.  My Grandpa turns 80 next month and last Sunday he climbed not one, but TWO mountains. Amazing.

- Last week a student from the organization that I teach at got to the final rounds of the National Spelling Bee. Brian and I figured out how to watch it live online and were able to see the top ten compete.  Amber placed 4th and was the last girl standing! She babysat Levi when he was a wee baby and sources tell me that she used to "spell" to him as she bounced him to sleep. :)

- This article is a great read if you bring kids to church or if you go to a church with kids -  "Dear Parents of Young Children at Church"

- This weekend, I'm scheduled to photograph a laid back outdoor wedding on the ocean. With all of the other hullabaloo around this time of the year, it came up rather suddenly. It's the first wedding that I'm doing alone, so I'm hoping I can pull this off! (Fortunately, my little sister will come along with her lens holding/people organizing/morale boosting capabilities). Wish me luck!

- My Dad just bought Levi THE CUTEST fourth of July outfit. You're going to have to see it to believe it. Re.dic.u.lous.

Well, Levi and I haven't had a good long day off together in a while, so we're off to milk this one for all it's worth. We've got some serious playing to do, folks (and some Father's Day gifts to make!). Have a wonderful day!

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