Monday, June 17, 2013


Thankful, for...

- the end of a veeeery busy few weeks
- full and encouraging last art classes of the year
- a beautiful wedding to attend and photograph; the surprisingly perfect weather after a morning downpour, fun and creative details, seeing old friends, the start of a new marriage.
- 2,000 fun wedding pictures to sort and process
- Levi, both hands around my neck and attached to me like a monkey for the duration of a grocery trip
- spending a gorgeous day with good friends (and talking shop) at the second arts festival
- a celebratory church meeting, memories and excitement for the future
- Elsie and Levi dressed alike
- friends who go through valleys and have vision
- almost enough saved for a new camera and helpful advice 
- a Father's Day/Birthdays celebration at the Jameses, especially the family band with Levi on the harmonica and drums
- my first "summer" Monday;  a long morning snuggle with my (little) boy, a good start to a deep clean,  a much needed grocery trip, an afternoon of cooking for my family and another, holding the newest "highrocker", an impromptu family night.
- being the wife and daughter of some hardworking, kind, smart, selfless, funny, compassionate and godly fathers.

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