Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Great Minds Award

Sometimes I swell with pride when I hear of some of the things my husband does as an 8th grade English teacher. He really works hard to be engaging and creative and from what I hear, he does it really well. This past week, I stumbled upon him creating something really fun and meaningful for the end of the year...

Each year, he gives out an 8th Grade English award to one of his students at graduation. All of Brian's students know that he loves his Altoids (hence the scores of empty boxes he apparently keeps in his desk, which I recently found quite helpful!) This year, Brian decided to give his award out as the "Altoid Curiously Strong Minds Award" playing off of the tin that usually reads "Altoids Curiously Strong Mints".  He filled an altoid box with all sorts of little trinkets that represented bits of reading and writing wisdom.  I thought this was such a creative idea and I'm sure the young recipient will remember it for years to come. 

Not bad, Mr. James. :)
 Is it weird that I wish that he could have been my English teacher?
(On second thought, I'd much rather be married to him!)

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  1. That is clever and sweet. I would love to hear more about his teachig ideas!