Monday, June 27, 2011

As always...

As always, so much to be thankful for...

- yet another baby shower; hosted by my students and their moms!
- a bittersweet last day of work..and my co-workers, who I'll miss dearly.

- a surprise shower for Brian and tons of wonderful books (among other things!) for Baby James from Brian's co-workers (to any Parker Middle School blog readers: THANK YOU!!!)
- a beautiful hand knit sweater made by my friend and co-worker, Megan.
- my baby's continual crazy antics
- summer plans and un-plans
- a last minute stay-cation and a last minute night away
- worshipping at highrock, and a BBQ to boot.


  1. You have everything you need now! I can't wait to see Baby James!

  2. Aww, I love that picture of the five of us at work :)