Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Father's Day Magnets

After making our sweet little nest necklaces for Mother's day, we couldn't forget our Dads! In similar fashion to my other decorative magnets, I had my students make their own custom magnets for this year's Father's Day project. We brainstormed and printed out pictures of things that they thought each of their Dads would like (ie. sports teams, cars, cameras, computers..)and they were also encouraged to write a little note on one of them to personalize the set.  Brian always saves his Altoid mint boxes (you never know what they could come in handy...), so he allowed us to use some of his stash to create a cute little gift boxes. They fit between 3-5 magnets perfectly.

Check 'em out! 

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  1. These are sooo awesome. Wish I could see each Dad's face when he opens this personalized gift. I'm excited to try and make these... I have an idea for my family for Christmas. I have a black and white picture of my dad's family (all my aunts and uncles) from a loong time ago when they were all kids. I'm going to make each magnet a pic of their heads! I could also make Jesse a set w/ all his fav. sports team logos. Did your kids print the pictures of the sports team logos from the computer?