Thursday, May 23, 2013

layering the living room

Just a little redecorating update from the kettle...

Our brown wool rug (seen here) has been a bit frustrating to keep clean (highest pile in the wooorld), it sometimes feels a little dark for the room and definitely too wintery for the warm weather I've been feeling through my open windows.  During a fit of spring cleaning, I decided to pull it up and see if I could figure something else out, at least for the warmer months. 

I recently saw a great home tour (at OhDearDrea) and I fell in love with her layered rugs.  I haven't seen it done successfully elsewhere, but I thought I might as well give it a try.  I am a bit of a rug hoarder collector, so I had a few around to play with.  I settled on three in my warm reds/yellows color scheme and then I went to work messing around with composition.  

It's a little wacky, I'll admit it...but I LOOOOOVE it.  It has the feel of Middle Eastern bedouin tents and makes the room feel a little more wonderfully Yemeni (Have I mentioned that I lived in Yemen for a few years growing up? That's a story for another time...)

So, any thoughts? Madness? Awesomeness?

(You may notice that I also switched out the red curtains for some white and airy ones that have been hiding away in storage for about 7 years. Not sure that they'll stay, but for now I'm enjoying the sunlight they let in. I haven't been red curtain-less since college! Things are gettin' crazy up in here..)

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