Friday, May 24, 2013

Art Room Diaries: final projects in process

Final projects are in full-swing in my middle and high school art classes. Middle schoolers are creating 3-D models/diorama's of a master landscape painting and my high schoolers are designing/painting old wooden chairs in the style of a master artist. Both of these projects are ways for them to do some in-depth art history research and an opportunity to incorporate knowledge of their chosen artist's life, work and style into an original work of their own.  

So far, they are looking great and I've never heard so many "I can't wait to work on my project next week" and "this is the best thing I've ever done" and "I wish I could stay here all day and paint".  It's been a wonderful way to end the year. 

Stay tuned.. photos of the finished products to come in a few weeks!

(and have I mentioned lately that I have the best job ever?)

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