Monday, May 20, 2013

Thankful on a Monday afternoon

Thankful, for - 

- time to finally sit down and write my blog post. These quiet moments. :)
- my brother and sister in law's computer help and new hard drive; a much smoother running mac
- a day of celebration and service at New Hope's Servathon; a morning sorting and folding at the Pregnancy Care Center, Levi loved on by many New Hope-ers, a celebratory picnic, a beautiful day
- an afternoon in NH, celebrating a cousin's graduation and new job
- Kimmie home from Thailand, a visit from Kevin, too
- an evening at the graffiti wall, watching CORE BTM work and Levi's first building tag
- Big C's new album
- salads with strawberries
- Levi crashed at the end of a long day, watching him sleep
- beautiful summery days
- nursery with mom and BFF
- ziggy's donuts
- kind handwritten notes in the mail
- bulbs in the ground
- Levi's piano/singing songs
- relevant and good Bible study discussions
- a friend taking Levi for the morning so I could set up my art show
- art show; fun, successful and done 
- my parents attending the show, Dad's good questions
- playgroup hanging in the boat
- Levi, his hair in a mohawk
- a church that celebrates
- "that was a great art lesson, Mrs. James!", when I wasn't really sure if it was going to be..
- school winding down, fun with final projects
- finding him shirtless, reading my Bible

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