Thursday, May 30, 2013

Noseworthy (and Levi tags a building)

So, my brother-in-law just came out with a rap album. I'm not really a rap aficionado, but I have found it incredibly thought provoking and very enjoyable to listen to. Maybe even convicting at times.. 
A friend of ours, who is a graffiti artist, worked on the album art and I headed down to photograph the process and the final images. It was fun to watch a prolific street artist at work and Levi even got to tag his first building..yup, if you see small black dots around town, you'll know the culprit. :)

(listen to the album and if you like it, consider downloading and supporting the artist! :


  1. cool and interesting. I will have to look around for this wall... is it in salem? - Beth

  2. no, it's in Beverly by the train've probably caught glimpses of it, but it's pretty fun to get up close. Lots of tags by our very own "CORE BTM". ;)