Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Christmas in...


After months of hard work, my brother finished my Christmas present; a beautiful coffee table made out of an old door he found on the side of the road. It is gorgeous and was totally worth the wait. 

While you'll have to contact Jonathan for a very specific tutorial, I can give you some of the basics: A quarter of the door was cut off so that the three window panels were left and he rounded the corners so that there were no sharp edges for baby. He used wooden fence posts for the legs (genius idea on his part!), painted it dark green and finished it off with a few coats of polyurethane. He ordered a thick piece of glass to lay over the three glass panels, so that the surface of the table is even and then screwed on an old crystal doorknob we found in the basement ('cuz it's whimsical and I want everyone to know it was a door!)

I love, love, love my new coffee table and am so thankful for the love and care and time that went into making it. 

Thanks, Jonny!


  1. i see that new rug!! :)

  2. Oh Kerrie! That is such a wonderful gift, and Jonathan was so creative to make it. Love it.

  3. So creative! I see it runs in the whole family, even the men...It is really gorgeous!