Monday, August 20, 2012


Haven't done one of these in a while (like years)...
(prompts from The Simple Woman's Daybook) 

Outside my window... early morning sunlight filtered through my bedroom curtain, a quiet city neighborhood

I am thinking...about waking up my boys who are sleeping soundly next to me, because they are so cute and fun and I want to play with them

I am thankful...for a wonderful weekend retreat with my new church family; a great time of building community, worshipping, playing, crafting and dreaming of the future

In the kitchen...some fresh fruit and veggies from the farmer's market and a sink full of dirty dishes 

I am wearing...Brian's old PJ bottoms and a healthy slather of ben-gay

I am creating...a list of things to get done before school starts and sketches for a painting series

I am Levi's 1 year doctor's appointment

I am wondering... when this longer-than-normal neckache and headache will bite the dust

I am reading..."Heaven" by Peter Kreeft, an old favorite and Psalms with Brian and Levi

I am hoping (and praying)...that Dad's tests on Tuesday come back cancer-free (please pray with me)

I am looking forward to...a birthday celebration with the James family tonight

I am of the fan, steady breathing of my sleeping family

Around the house...a happy just-back-from-a-weekend-away mess, a needy and cuddly kitty who clearly missed his family

I am pondering... how to really live (worth a read)

A few plans for the rest of the week...

-a day long work retreat (which I'm looking forward to, because I love my job and love my co-workers.. blessing!)
-working on decor and cupcakes for my future sister-in-laws bridal shower, attending it and her bachelorette party
-collecting rocks with Kirsten and planning/designing a rock wall display for a sermon illustration on Sunday
-ordering supplies and materials for school and beautifying my art rooms
-engaging in some last minute summer fun with Brian and Levi..because summer is not over yet!!

Ok, these boys need to wake up for reals.

Have a lovely day, friends!

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  1. Great stuff. "healthy slather of ben-gay" is one of the grossest phrases I've ever encountered. Thanks for sharing.

    -your loving husband