Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A Party for Levi

Even though Levi's first birthday isn't until the 7th, this weekend we had an early party to coincide with his dedication, which we were also celebrating. Both sides of our family gathered at my parents house which was decked out with balloons, balloon-themed decorations and a balloon cake. It was an easy but appropriate theme for a one year old who LOVES balloons. :)

Levi seemed to enjoy his day immensely.  He was quite sufficiently showered with love, attention, sugar and gifts. It was really special to have those who love him most gathered to celebrate his life and first year.  It makes me so happy to see him cheered on by his great-grandparents, taught to walk by his uncle, climbing up the legs of his Grampy, feeding his cake to his Aunt. I'm so thankful that he has so many special people who love him unconditionally and will support and care for him throughout his life. 

He is one blessed little fellow.

(the balloon cake was inspired by this cake from Family Fun. I added a backdrop by painting a sky on a piece of large white cardboard.)

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  1. What a fun first birthday party! Fun decorations, good cake, and so many people who love Levi. I am curious though, what was the part where everyone sat in a circle while Levi hung out in a Rubbermaid box?