Tuesday, June 12, 2012

with the extras... (simple flower hair accessory)

With extra flowers from Katie's bachelorette sash and extra combs from her bridal shower fascinator, Kimmie and I made these little hair accessories in hopes of matching our sister for the par-tay. They turned out pretty cute, but unfortunately in all the excitement we totally forgot to wear them that night! Oh well...they've been fun to wear ever since.

Here's how we made 'em:

1. Cut different sized circles out of fabric (we used cotton gauze). I used about 3 circles per flower. 
2. Layer them biggest to smallest and tack them together with a needle and thread with a bead or two for the centers. As I was sewing it, I tried to stitch an uneven circle and then I pulled the thread tight in order to scrunch it together a bit and make it look more full (if that makes any sense...)
3. Hot glue to a hair comb. We attached one large flower and one small flower. I'd add another smallish flower if I did it again as I'm usually a fan of doing things in 3's.

Just think, you could make this nifty little hair comb match anything by switching up the fabrics and beads... 

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