Wednesday, June 20, 2012

scribbly arty cupcakes

A few weeks ago I went to a birthday party for one of my first graders.  Art is her very favorite thing so she had an art-themed birthday party. I was quite honored to be invited AND to be asked to sit right next to the birthday girl during the party. :)

I was inspired by the art-themed cupcakes her Mom made for dessert. I thought they were pretty awesome, so I attempted to recreate them to bring to my last art classes of the year. 

After making and frosting my cupcakes, I melted 3 different colors of melting chocolate.  One by one, I filled a plastic zip-lock bag with each color and cut a VERY small hole in the corner.  Then I just squeezed the chocolate onto tin foil, trying to create a scribbly/painty look.  I layered each color until I was satisfied with the "composition". After letting them cool and harden, I stuck them into the frosting.  

I thought they were students didn't seem that impressed. They were more interested in just downing all that sugar. I guess I need to teach them more about the value of abstract melted chocolate art. haha

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