Thursday, May 24, 2012

wedding weekend, commence!

Starting NOW, we're going, going, going non-stop till Katie and Matt's wedding on Saturday afternoon! 
Bachelorette extravaganza (hosted by the sisters), manicures, steaming dresses, rehearsal, dinner, girly preparations, pictures. Wedding are such a production, aye? I'm keeping quite busy trying to be the best Matron of Honor I can be and figuring out how to feed and nap the baby in between our non-stop schedule. (!!)

Speaking of which, you're pretty much not going to believe the outfit I found for Levi. Three words. Knickers. Suspenders. Bowtie...Only the best for Auntie. Who said dressing boys isn't as fun? pish. 

It's crazy marrying off your little sister. Little sisters are supposed to stay little. Can I hear an Amen?

But, since she has done gone and grown up, I have to admit that I'm happy overjoyed for her. I truly believe that she and Matt were made for each other. I know he'll take care of her and love her well. And give me lots of adorable nieces and nephews (which is the most important part, of course). ;) 

Ok, I gotta run. Kimmie and I need to deck Sea Kettle in pink bacheloretty goodness. 

Have a lovely weekend, friends.

*photos taken by Kimmie in 2009


  1. Sister love! Best wishes to Katie and Matt, and I hope you all have a wonderful time celebrating their union.

  2. thank you!!! BEST MATRON OF HONOR EVER!!!!!! Love you so much!!!

  3. Congrats to Katie! I'm sure she'll be a beautiful bride.