Tuesday, May 15, 2012

felt heart bookmarks

Inspired by this image, I created these simple felt and fabric bookmarks for my moms and grandmoms for a Mother's Day treat.  Depending on the fabrics you use, this could be a perfect gift for Valentine's, Father's Day, Birthdays..whatever! Technically it wouldn't have to be shaped like a heart, either.  As long as it fits on the corner of a book, it would work just fine.  
Note: When you sew the layered fabric hearts on top, make sure not to sew through the bottom heart so you still have a nice pocket for the book page to slip into. 


  1. Great project for young ladies to do. Something purposeful, made with their own hands, inexpensive (which makes it nice to make many and give as gifts to friends), and can be done from start to finish in one sitting without necessary mom supervision. I love to help my girls, but sometimes they just want a project they can call all their own. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Yes, very true! Let me know if your girls try this! :)