Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Jon and Sarah

Tis the season of love in the McKenna family!  Not only is my sister Katie getting married next week (!!), but my brother also recently got engaged to his fiance, Sarah. Last weekend we walked around the neighborhood to shoot some engagement photos. 

It started out all well and good....

...until Jonny decided to take the reins and insist that I take photos of them with all of the high schoolers taking their prom shots on the Salem Common. 

Little brothers never change, do they? 

These are his favorites... :)
Congratulations, Jon and Sarah!


  1. Sarah fits right in with the McKennas. She looks like she could be your sister.

    1. haha, you're definitely not the first to mention that! I guess we should take it as a compliment that he wants to marry someone that looks like his sisters!

  2. Jandy-bee beat me to guys will have great family photos, can't wait to see those cousins pictures.