Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Two days a week, while their mommies take turns going to work, these boys get to hang out together. 
Way back in September, when Levi was only a month old, Evan would try to take care of his little friend in whatever ways a 15 month old could. He would rock him in his car seat and give him a pacifier when he fussed.  
Now that Levi is more aware and mobile, you can clearly see who his favorite friend is. He smiles BIG when he sees his buddy and spends most of the time they are together following him around, trying to catch a hug or a little "chat". 
Levi will always be the oldest sibling in the James family, so I'm very glad he has this time with such a sweet "big brother". (and I like to think it keeps him humble.) ;)

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  1. They're so cute together! And that is great that Levi gets to be a little brother to somebody.