Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Summer List - 2012 Edition

With the first school-year things starting to end, I'm beginning to really itch for summer. Last night, in an attempt to indulge my impatience, I worked on our annual "Summer List". 
This year, I left some room at the bottom, since I always want to add things later on. I just love how our list helps us make the most of precious summer days. Bring 'em on!

What's on your summer list? Anything amazing that I'm missing?


  1. Yay, the summer list! Here's to a wonderful summer!

  2. I made one of these too! (And practice hospitality is on there as well ;)) But it wasn't as artfully displayed as yours. I think I'll copy your format though and then perhaps post it. Thanks for the good idea. - Beth

  3. You inspired me two years ago to make a list like this! I've been conjuring up this years bucket list as we speak! A backsplash has been on my mind for quite a while..just trying to set my idea in stone! I don't know exactly what I want! ahh!