Wednesday, May 2, 2012

this and that

These days, I'm...

- trying to keep up with Levi as he explores every nook and cranny of the Kettle (trying to eat every dust bunny he can get his chubby little hands on)
getting used to how much less I can get done in a day with a mobile baby. yeah, so much for doing a little lesson planning while baby sits next to me playing...and he's gone!
- counting down the days till Kimmie comes home from Africa (10!)
- looking forward to the first service of Highrock North Shore! (our commissioning service is pictured below)
- playing music, watching Levi happily rock, sing and clap
- excited to have an already full roster for my art classes next year and a waitlist to boot! wowza.
- wishing Levi didn't have to be sick...again. 3rd cold of the season? 4th? the sleepless nights of coughing all run together...
- wondering why his favorite toy is now a lint brush. gross.
- thankful for my selfless, romantic, hilarious, best-friend-of-a-husband - don't even get me started on this one.
- angry at the resident squirrel(s) who insist on uprooting my poor little pansies over and over and over again. 
- wondering if I'm almost finished with my "Salem" painting
- watching kitty and boy's blossoming friendship
- loving my "Nature's Sketchbook" workshop. and watching kids carefully observe, explore and draw the world around them. 
- excited that it's May! sister Katie's wedding month! huzzah!
- wishing I could bottle up "8 months". loving Levi's joyful smiles, friendly personality, unhindered curiosity, his altogether huggable kissable self - can it get any better than this?
- completely and utterly thankful for these full, beautiful, blessing-filled days

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