Thursday, May 17, 2012

this and that

these days, I'm...

- loving the look of the weather forecast for the foreseeable future. Sunny 70s? Yes, please!

- SLEEPING.THROUGH.THE.NIGHT (a little early morning milk-snack at 5:30, but he goes back to sleep for an hour or two. I'll take it!)

- chasing the boy, trying to keep him out of danger. Iron fireplace stokers? large dust bunnies? small esophagus-sized stones? wires? steep stairs? trying to dive head first off of beds? Yes, these are some of his favorites. :/

- walking around the house in heels, I need to practice before the wedding!! (Sorry, Katie. Your Matron of Honor is totally going to trip down the aisle. classy, I know.)

- setting up the school-wide art show for my elementary school kiddos; hoping I get it all done in time

- gearing up for the last art projects of the school year (crazy!!)

- trying to arm my friend Bekah with my favorite projects/tips/tricks before she leaves to teach art to kids in Thailand

- thankful for sweet gifts from Rwanda; tea, a colorful animal-mobile, batiks

- smitten with "spring Brian"

- planning and preparing for the first service of our new church plant, working with the creative arts team to create a beautiful and welcoming space (won't you join us?)

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