Monday, March 12, 2012

waves of His mercy

All who are thirsty 
All who are weak 
Come to the fountain 
Dip your heart in the stream of life 
Let the pain and the sorrow 
Be washed away 
In the waves of His mercy 
As deep cries out to deep 
-B. Brown

Thankful, for

- waves of his mercy
- spring beginnings
- Levi's daily guitar lessons
- lenten embroidery
- spontaneous dinner with my siblings and their "special friends"
- ice water
- warm springy days
- notes in our new journal
- flailing chubby limbs
- painting class
- sunday lunch with Mom and Dad J, sunday dinner with Mom and Dad M
- Ethiopian feasts
- long naps, long to-do lists completed 
- Dad and his "hebrew" choir
- my boys, playing together
- a day of training, learning and dreaming with our church planting launch team...
- a future of loving, serving and celebrating in Salem with these folks...

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