Thursday, March 8, 2012

a day in our life: 3.7.12

Among other things, this blogs serves as a family journal of sorts.  Of course, I post lots of special and everyday moments that I capture throughout the week, but I thought it might be interesting to make a photo log of an entire day, start to finish and with almost everything in-between. 

Yesterday, as I went about my day with my camera glued to my hand, I realized there were multitudes of special moments that I had never really thought to capture but would love to the look on Levi's face when he looks up at me from his changing table, how sweet and peaceful he looks sleeping in his car seat, Brian's "spring" smiles and tattered briefcase, the kitchen table littered with a bible, journal, coffee, computer, brushes and paint.

Even though this little big assignment I gave myself was a bit overwhelming at times, it turned out to be quite a fun and meaningful exercise and I look forward to being able to look back in years to come and see what filled our days circa March, 2012.      

Enough blabbering. Here's what we were doin'...


  1. Does that sweet baby ever cry, or do you get smiles all the time? :)

  2. What a wonderful day, you get such a warm feeling looking at your child centred day, thank you. What I would give for mine to be little again and enjoy every moment, not wish it away.

  3. Wow, you pack a whole lot into a day...thanks for sharin:)

  4. What a happy little guy you're makin'! ;0)