Wednesday, March 28, 2012

these days

These days, I'm ...

- going on oodles of spring walks
- yawning after long nights with a teething baby
- loving how much Levi loves other kids, especially his buddy, Evan
- working on syllabi and new projects for middle and high school art classes next year
- collecting the lines and shapes of Salem, planning a large painting
- hand sewing some cute Easter accessories
- getting ready for a crawling baby and lots of baby-proofing
- living in a house of busy creativity - spending afternoons painting while my husband works on a novel and brother-in-law records an album 
- dreaming about and with the Creative Arts Ministry at Highrock Northshore
- watching Brian read about a million versions of King Arthur
- excited for Katie and Matt, their new house and upcoming wedding
- looking forward to a week-long visit of a Yemen girl
- doing a little spring cleaning
- missing Rwandering Kimmie
- reminding myself that our bout of warm weather does not in fact mean that summer is here
- thanking God for a full and busy and blessed life

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