Thursday, March 15, 2012


(While my trusty Mac is being fixed in some far-away Apple-fixing factory, I'm here sneaking a post in from Bri's laptop.  Since I'm without my pictures, software and blog plans, here's a song Brian wrote a couple of years ago and an old photo I scavenged from my long neglected flickr account. Hopefully I'll be back up and running soon!


Our bodies crossing paths in the kitchen
Our fingerprints on spoons and bowls
Our minds are meeting to make decisions
There's still a lot of traveling to do between our souls

Our stories tangle like string in the top drawer
Our fingers laced in the mitten we stole
Our laundry's knotted on the bedroom floor
There's still a lot of traveling to do between our souls

You and I know, there is no story song or photograph
To the echoes and tones that keep us wandering in the woods without a path
Love's a lonely groan that drives us away from our trappings and habitats
But baby, you and I know, there could be no home for our hearts in all of that

Our habits mingle across the table
You wear my sweaters when the evening's cold
I live in your colors and curves and angles
There's still a lot of traveling to do between our souls

-B. James


  1. Your computer broke? I hope the "geniuses" take good care of it and get it back to you soon, so that your creative endeavors are not interrupted too much.

    1. yup. My screen stopped working, depending on the angle. Those geniuses were quite helpful and the computer came back good as new! (nice and clean, too!) I did a lot more painting while it was away, so I guess a few days without a computer has it's benefits!

  2. aww, what a beautiful song! That's so sweet :)