Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What best friends are for...

The week before last, I made it to the second trimester.  Those months were some of the longest of my life.  Some days I felt full of hope and peace, but many days were marked by anxiety and worry.  

Ariel has walked with me through the ups and downs of all of my pregnancies and miscarriages.  She has been a friend that has listened, loved, celebrated and comforted.  A girl really needs a friend like that, and I'm so thankful I have one. 
On the day I reached 12 weeks, I was surprised with the most beautiful bouquet of flowers.  My heart was full and overflowing seeing such a beautiful celebration of a tiny life, only the size of a plum, but already so important to her, to me, to God. 

Thank you, Ariel, for celebrating this milestone. It meant the world to me.  


  1. oh this brought tears to my eyes! I have a friend myself who's been through a lot of ups and down in the baby department...her first was born 9 months after mine, except she tried for 2 years longer than we did...and her second, is due 2 months after me! I remember when I got pregnant, she was the first one I texted..because I knew it would be hard for her...and now that she's pregnant (and due the same time as you are!) I've already gotten her a gift ;)

  2. Caroline, me too! :) Thanks, Katie!

  3. Wow.... TEARS! How very special... this baby is going to be in danger of being over loved... haha. A very special little one :o)