Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Jasmine's Hope Blanket

(May I share yet another example of love shown me over the past couple of months? I'm just so thankful...)

So there are these girls...

We met and became bosom friends while our families lived in Yemen. During our middle school years, we were the best of friends and we've continued this friendship through high school, college, weddings and babies.

Although we write often, I only get to see them every few years (we have reunions at each others weddings). They are some of my very dearest friends and some of the first people I told when I found out about this pregnancy.  I knew that they would be people that I would need if anything went wrong.  

As soon as I told them about our baby, Jasmine began knitting a blanket of hope and prayer.  This labor of love meant the world to me, especially during those first few months of worry. I was so comforted at her tangible commitment to pray.

She continues to knit and hope and pray and send along pictures of the progress. This act of love will be treasured forever, and it challenges me to find more ways to use my hands and creativity to love others in such powerful ways.  


  1. What awesome friends! I love how she is sending you photos of the progress ~ just like your baby being knitted in you :)

  2. My baby is currently snuggled in a bag of love that you knitted for him.

  3. Awww, I love you! I'm glad it is an encouragement. I was working on it last night. :) I like the idea of it growing as your baby does.

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