Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ode to Small Group

This week I've felt especially thankful for our small group. No reason in particular, just really thankful for everything that comes with sharing life with this special group of people.  

I'm thankful for how we love each other, how we respect each other's views and opinions, how we challenge each other, how we play together, how we read and chew on God's word together.  I love how we encourage each other, how we cry with each other, and rejoice we each other, how we pray, pray, pray for each other.  I love how we laugh with each other, craft with each other, cook for each other; I love how we share secrets and give spontaneous gifts. I love how we bear with each other, forgive one another and how we share with each other. I love how we are bound together, not by human blood, but by Jesus' blood...

Do you have brothers and sisters in the Lord such as these? If not, you must find some. They have been one my life's greatest blessings. 


  1. thanks for opening your home to all of us!!

  2. Wow...thanks for posting this! I have been attending a new church (off and on...) and have been trying to convince myself to get up my courage and go to a home group. This post definitely makes a good case!