Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Subway Art

I had seen this project around and decided to make my own version for one of Brian's Christmas gifts this year.  Check out this post to see a whole bunch of different ways to make your own "subway art". Here's how I made mine...

I began by buying a square canvas and painting it with white acrylic paint.  Next, I borrowed my friend's Cricut and cut out the words that I wanted on my canvas.  I decided to do places that are important to Brian and I as a couple, for example the streets that we've lived on, where we got engaged, trips we've been on, etc. Next, I bought some temporary adhesive spray and glued the letters onto the canvas.  After they were all placed the way I wanted them, I spray painted the entire canvas with black spray paint.  When it dried, I simply peeled off the letters and put a coat of mod podge on it to give it a nice sheen.

Even though this project took quite a while (and it would have taken so much longer if I didn't use the Cricut!), I really liked how this turned out...and so did Brian, which is most important!

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  1. that is sooo sooo cute. and what a sweet momento for you guys to cherish! smart thinking lady!