Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Personalized Typography Art

Here's a project that I've been working on for a few months now and can finally share now that Christmas is over!  This was my main Christmas gift for most of my family members.  Although they were more time consuming than I initially thought, I really think the end product is worth it.  

The first step was to walk around town and take lots and lots of pictures of letters and numbers(I suggest doing this before winter sets in! brrrr!) Make sure to find letters that are not touching any other letters (easier said than done!).

Next, I downloaded all of my photos, then put them into Picasa (a free program from google), cropped them to 4x6 and made them black and white.

Next, select all of the letters you need and the, click "collage" on the bottom of the screen. I made my collage 8x10, then added all of my letters onto the collage space. You can then resize and put your letters in any configuration you may want. 

The last step is to save your collage and then get it printed on 8x10 photo paper. A few mattes and black frames later and you have yourself a beautiful piece of personalized art!


  1. Very, very nice and you make it sound so easy. You are such a great artist AND great teacher. I am thinking that my young ones would like helping me find the letters...but you are right, more of a summer project.

  2. gorgeous, Kerrie, as usual. I might want to try this...maybe.
    Happy New Year!

  3. Thanks ladies! Kit and Phyllis, you should totally try this! Your kids would be great at finding cool letters. :)

  4. These are fantastic! I just might make my own sometime! Love love LOVE it!

  5. PS You should enable the phone browser view of your blog for those of use who like to check your blog that way :)

  6. I've so wanted to make these! I have seen them sold for a lot of money but it seems like they would be fun to make... although I'm sure it was challenging to find all the right letters. Good job!