Monday, December 27, 2010

Continuing the list

I made it too 1,000 blessings last week, but I so enjoy listing my blessings, that I think I'll continue...

-coffee with Liz and Jessica
-teaching Bekah to crochet and heart-to-hearts
-Our neighbor's kind gift
-Kirby's sermon
-sleeping over at my parents' on Christmas Eve
-a neck in neck Settlers game
-Christmas texts
-many kind and thoughtful gifts
-giving gifts
-homemade Corn Chowder during a blizzard
-my new car seat warmer
-Christmas notes from my husband
-sugar cookies
-British comedy
-time with family
-Christ's arrival
-answered prayers
-a sign of hope
-being snowed in, safe and warm inside the Sea Kettle...


  1. awesome photos! I am a bit jealous of your blizzard :-)