Thursday, December 2, 2010

Bad Hair Day

Here's a fun little art project 
to teach and practice the concept of "line".  

First I ask:
What is a line?
Are all lines straight?
How many different types of lines are there?
How many different lines do you think you can draw? 

On a piece of scrap paper we practice drawing as many different kinds of lines as we possibly can. We soon realize that there are lots and lots of types of lines! Squiggly, diagonal, curly, zig-zaggy, short, long, tight, loose, a cursive line, a skyline line...the possibilities are endless.

Now we get a new piece of paper to start our "Bad Hair Day" drawing.  First, choose whether you want to do a man with a crazy beard or someone with crazy hair on their head. 

If you choose the bearded man, make sure to draw your head closer to the top of your page. If you do the other, make sure to draw your head close to the bottom of the page. 

When your head and features are completed, draw as many different types of lines as you can to make your "Bad Hair Day". 

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