Thursday, March 18, 2010

My Irish Eyes Were Smiling

We celebrated in style this year.  

At school...

...we wore gobs of green and sparkly tiaras...

...and we tried our darndest to catch a leprechaun with these nifty Leprechaun traps...

The pennies we left for bait disappeared, but alas, no Leprechaun!  We did find a cheeky note and lots of green and gold glitter left by the little guy. I'm convinced we'll catch one next year. ;)

The festivities continued at home....

Our small group from church came over and we dined on a delicious corned beef and cabbage feast. Homemade Irish soda bread, turnips, potatoes and Guinness completed the festive meal.

A jolly Irish time was had by all...

All of us. 
Check out everyone's kelly green attire.
And my sweet shamrock apron. 
And Brian's Irish cap.


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