Monday, March 1, 2010

Gifts - March 1, 2010

holy experience

278.a day of crafting, munching, learning, and chatting with old and young ladies at church.

279. little friends with their first sewing projects

280. learning to knit

281. promise of an upcoming wedding and reunion with very old and very dear friends 

282. planned prayer

283. inspiration

284. a morning of reading scripture and sketching

285. dinner and Catan and disappearing brownies

286. catching up over sewing machines and m&ms

287. a new meal of fresh, healthy ingredients

288. finishing school reports after an overwhelming start

289. answered prayers and knowing that I'm being prayed for

290. American Idol and cuddle night with my sisters

291. time to rest

292. small group

293. opportunities to create art for church

294. time to watch feats of greatness by olympians

295. ink pens

296. a new art student in the form of a good friend

297. new mornings

298. electricity, when many had none

299. little girls who watch you craft and sneak sips of your water

300. promise of spring thankful.

1 comment:

  1. Kerrie,
    What a beautiful blog you have.
    Knowing that you are being prayed for is such a treasure.
    Enjoyed reading your list today and being reminded that we have such a wonderful gratitude community.
    Grace to you