Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Change of Heart

I've been struggling to get "T" to enjoy reading for almost 2 years.  He claimed that books were boring and uninteresting. No matter what I gave him, he just wouldn't read it. During silent reading classes, his eyes would peer over the book and never land on the page. He wouldn't even try. I had almost given up. 

Then someone gave him "The Lightning Thief" and he ate. it. up.  He hasn't stopped.  He just finished the 4th book in the series! 

Today I had the kids free write for 10 minutes in English class. This is what "T" read aloud to me.  

And it's for these moments that I teach. 

 "Before I hated reading then (I) read "Lightening Thief". And before I knew it I was reading the whole book series and now I love reading. I now hope others will love reading too!!!!"

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